Benefits of Weed Vape Pens

Weed Vape Pen
Source: Campus Safety Magazine

While their emergence on the scene is relatively recent, the fact that the market for weed vape pens exploded is the inevitable result of marijuana laws loosening while vape culture is redefining the act of smoking for a new generation. 

The appeals of this alternative are pretty clear. With vape pens, able to extract the benefits of cannabis without burning the actual plant, the act of smoking up is now clean and discreet. With sleek devises administering more precise doses, now you can duck out of that frustrating meeting or fractious family gathering; aware that there is something more relaxing than a breath of fresh air. Studies so far suggest that this modern process also presents fewer health hazards than its carcinogenic cousin. 

This use of weed vape pen is technically more efficient beceaause about 30% of THC is typically lost in the act of blazing up. That said, in some cases the duration and the potency of the high is reduced via vape, though that factor is largely determined by the quality of the product being consumed and the specifics of the device. There are essentially three main types of this vape pens on the market today:

A dry herb pen heats the product up to a point where vapours are released but not carbonized as with a lit joint. Arguably most like traditional cheap weed smoking in terms of aroma and taste, though the reduced heat often produced a similarly reduced high. A dab pen provides a similar experience, but with a more concentrated form of THC such as wax or other concentrates. Perhaps the most widely expanding design are weed vape pens that come preloaded with cartridges of THC infused vape juice. The oil in these cartridges is heated to a temperature that extracts and optimum dose.

For some people, the act of rolling a joint on the back of an album cover and exhaling plumes of actual smoke before hastily deciding which household items you’d be willing to use as an ashtray is part of the appeal of weed. For others, it’s why they never got into it in the first place. For these people, the ability to take a discreet hit from a vape pen with no mess or lingering odour eliminates any objections they previously had, leaving only the beneficial effects.