Peoria The Jewel of Illinois

Illinois is well known around the world as an US state that features many cultural attractions while also offering high standards when talking about medical facilities. The state is a great vacation destination and constantly accommodates all kinds of travelers. Those that want to have a break from the commotion of the city can always find relaxation and relief in Illinois.

Illinois show many cities and also offers an attractive demographic diversity. It is also highly important when talking about economy because there are many transportation centers in the area. Illinois brings to the table many places that should be visited by tourists and a long list of attractions of all kinds.

Peoria is one of the cities that must be featured on the must visit list of any tourist that plans a trip to Illinois. There are many attractions here that are perfect for an entire family. We are in front of one of the oldest settlements that the state has to offer. Peoria is well known for many tourist destinations, riverside shops, golfing and many fabulous buildings.

If you want to plan a perfect business meeting or a weekend getaway you should seriously consider Peoria, Illinois. There are many athletic tournaments and festivals that are held here and you will find many family attractions like the Wildlife Prairie State Park, Splashdown, Peoria River Front and even a perfect biking trail.

If you are visiting Peoria, you should go to the Wildlife Prairie State Park. It is a tremendous zoological park that is located right outside the city. Here you will find over 150 animal species and 50 bird species. This is actually one of the biggest wildlife parks in the country and it covers 2000 acres. By visiting you will get to see cougars, waterfowl, bison, wolves, otters, elks and many other animal species.

Peoria River Front must be visited as well as it is among the most popular places that the city offers. You can find different activities that are suitable for all ages in Peoria and it is sure that a tour here will give you many memories that will last forever.

We also recommend that you take the time to visit Peoria Riverfront Museum. This museum is really special because it is a mixed effort of many museums and organizations. Over 7000 square feet are covered and here you will find a lot about nature, science and even art.

Whenever planning your trip to Peoria you should check to see if there are any festivals when you visit. This is because there are many that exist throughout the year. We especially recommend the East Peoria Festival of Lights, the Strawberry Festival and the Cherry Festival.

Peoria is definitely a must visit place in the state of Illinois. The sheer quality of the attractions offered needs to be taken into account and all tourists that come here will leave disappointed that they have to leave. This is the effect that this city has on visitors and this is why you should seriously consider a visit there.